The Black Cat #1 by Amanda Conner and Christina Strain


Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.

Oh goodie. Another kitty cat. 


… We’re not going to a van, are we?

No, we’re actually going to one of the apartments I own. In fact… Would it be better if I went up and got the candy and brought it back down? 


… Are there Kit Kats? [He began to follow her curiously, still the ever-five-year-old]

Mhmm, even got Reeses. [She leads him down the street.] 


For now? 

Nice to meetcha Black Cat.

Not like I’m gonna give up my real name so quickly, doll. 


[He hesitated, looking from side to side, expecting to see hidden cameras or something just as sinister]… What’s the catch?

No catch. [She turns and starts to walk away, hands clasped behind her back.] I just have a big bag and I need help getting rid of some of before I eat all of it myself. 


Arsenal. You can call me Roy if you’d like.

You’d be?

Just Black Cat for now, Roy. 


[He seemed to perk up at that] Sweets? What kinda sweets? [Connor you are five]

I got a giant mixed bag right now. Want to come choose what you want for now? 

And you would be, sweetheart?